Website Design Process

16 Steps to Completion

  1. Understand Clients requirements – We are committed to provide you a tailor made website for your business. To ensure we meet your requirements, the process is started by filling our quote request form, this is to gather required information needed to deliver an accurate quote.

  2. Cost and Evaluation – After the information provided is evaluated, we will send you a proposal that consists of basic outline of the work required along with all associated costs. After you agree with the proposal we then send you a formal proposal requiring a signature from your end. It is imperative to sign our terms and agreement form along with the proposal and sent back to us at this time.

  3. Documentation – Soon after the duly signed form is received we shall start the actual design process.

  4. Initial Payment: As agreed part payment shall be completed on this step by Cheque or Cash per your convenience.

  5. Domain registration– We shall provide you with the available domain name(s) to select from and then register domain name(s) on your behalf and set up a web hosting account.

  6. Meeting & Discussions - To carefully analyze your requirements and confirm your satisfaction we shall exchange on-site meetings, emails and telephone calls as necessary. At this point we're trying to ensure your choice of website design and layout along with the information in it. Your feedback is essential in the Web design process.

  7. Content - You will provide us detailed information on your company, the products you sell, images of products for the web site. If required we may recommend slight changes in supplied copy, this is in order to assist in search engine ranking. We can also provide royalty-free images if required.

  8. Site architecture - Site architecture is established at this point to ensure your visitors don't get lost on your site. Text links, graphic menus and buttons with rollovers are used to accomplish this. We research and add most effective search engine phrases and keywords for your website, thus add up traffic and sales for your online business.

  9. Material utilization - Resizing photos, photo optimization, color sampling (To match a corporate color to the website design), product weight & pictures and similar tasks are all done during this phase of the Web design process.

  10. Home Page - Starting with your home page, the main page, we start creating your website. After this part is completed and approved by you we move on to next pages. If you have requested your site be optimized for the search engines that will also be started at this time. Optimization is needed to increase the prominence of a webpage within the search results on internet.

  11. Other Pages - The sub-pages are now worked on until completion. Forms, Flash, programming are now added to your site at this time. We continue to share the progress of work and taking feedback as required.

  12. Website Sample check - Once the website is completed, we will host the website on a temporary URL. Then the URL will be sent to you, so you can browse the website and provide us the feedback. If any other changes are needed, we will start working on them and update the temporary URL. Again, the same process will be followed for your feedback on website.

  13. Website published - After you approve the website on the temporary URL, we will publish your website. Now your website is available for the world to see! You can now start sharing your website address, informing friends, business acquaintances and publish print material.

  14. Full & Final payment - At this step you will be required to pay the dues of the total cost of work. From our end, we shall handover the complete website design files to you.

  15. Search engine marketing - We will show you how to submit your site to search engines, or we will do it for you – as per your instructions. Please view our search engine area here to start learning.

  16.  Service after delivery - Inevitably, things go wrong sometimes. We shall always be available for your assistance, if/when you may need.